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This and the other adult focused sub-blogs to our main Tumblr blog “OhMyMyEye” are marked “private” and use a password to restrict access. Since viewing adult content on the Internet is limited to individuals over 18 years of age in the US, the default password for our adult content sub-blogs is: Iamover18 (Which also serves as the certification that the viewer is stating they are over 18 before entering). Note the first letter is the capitol I as in “I AM”, not the lower case letter L. The password contains no spaces.

We are doing our very best to categorize high quality imagery, which has been uploaded by others, into topic focused streams. Like Tumbler, we trust that the images originally posted meet appropriate guidelines and are license free (public domain). If you find an inappropriate image, we encourage you to follow the image link back to the original image posting source and request the image(s) be removed there. That way, the removal of the original will flow through Tumbler’s reblogging process and be automatically removed from our blogs as well.

We hope you enjoy all our adult topics and deepen you understanding of the amazing human body and its various behaviors.

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